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Apr.  2021
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Pan ZHANG, Zhong KAI, Zhongwei LI, Xiaobo JIN, Bin LI, Congjun WANG, Yusheng SHI. High dynamic range 3D measurement based on structured light: A review[J]. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology , 2021, 1(2): 2021004. doi: 10.51393/j.jamst.2021004
Citation: Pan ZHANG, Zhong KAI, Zhongwei LI, Xiaobo JIN, Bin LI, Congjun WANG, Yusheng SHI. High dynamic range 3D measurement based on structured light: A review[J]. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology , 2021, 1(2): 2021004. doi: 10.51393/j.jamst.2021004

High dynamic range 3D measurement based on structured light: A review

doi: 10.51393/j.jamst.2021004

This study was co-supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (No. 2018YFB1105800), Excellent Young Program of Natural Science Foundation in Hubei Province (No. 2019CFA045), Key Research and Development Program of Hubei Province (No. 2020BAB137) and the Major Project of Technological Innovation in Hubei Province (No. 2019AAA008).

  • Received Date: 2021-02-05
  • Rev Recd Date: 2021-02-22
  • Available Online: 2021-03-13
  • Publish Date: 2021-03-13
  • Structured light method is one of the best methods for automated 3D measurement in industrial production due to its stability and speed. However, when the surface of industrial parts has high dynamic range (HDR) areas, e.g. rust, oil stains, or shiny surfaces, phase calculation errors may happen due to low modulation and pixel over-saturation in the image, making it difficult to obtain accurate 3D data. This paper classifies and summarizes the existing high dynamic range structured light 3D measurement technologies, compares the advantages and analyzes the future development trends. The existing methods are classified into multiple measurement fusion (MMF) and single best measurement (SBM) based on the measurement principle. Then, the advantages of the various methods in the two categories are discussed in detail, and the applicable scenarios are analyzed. Finally, the development trend of high dynamic range 3D measurement based on structed light is proposed.

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